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How To Write And Publish Your Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days

Can you really write and publish an eBook in only 7 days? If you are already a skilled writer, and an expert in your field, then yes, perhaps. But can a first time author also produce an eBook that fast? And would anybody want to buy it?How To Write And Publish Your Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days - Cover image

Jim Edwards would have us believe that the answers in this case are also yes. His course “How To Write And Publish Your Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days v2.0” explains how to write an eBook and publish it in as little as 7 days.

But why would you want to write your own eBook?

Well, there are a number of reasons:

  • Creating your own product gives you complete control over the entire process. You know that the quality of the product is top notch, after all, you created it to your own exacting standards. There is no danger of spending time, money and effort promoting someone else’s product, only to find that you can’t make any money because the refund rates are so high.
  • Online ebook marketplaces like the Amazon Kindle store will sell it for you. No need to figure out how to promote it, you can simply let Amazon do it for you,
  •  Once the product is created, your delivery costs are almost zero. So you can do the work once, and then its nearly all profit from then on.
  •  You can sell your own ebook directly, and keep all of the profits. No need to worry about when (or if) the affiliate check is coming. And all of the sale is yours – you don’t need to split it with anyone.
  • You can recruit your own army of affiliates to sell the ebook for you. They do all the promotion and marketing, and you simply provide delivery and split the profits with them (and you get to choose the proportion or the split).
  • And notwithstanding the money, you can now claim that you are a published author. Imagine the benefits this could bring towards positioning yourself as an expert and the go-to person in your field?. After all, we all know that anyone who writes a book must be an expert. So even if your end goal is not to have a successful ebook empire, being a published author in your field can give you more credibility and status, and help your other business activities.

So, the benefits are obvious.

But how do you create your own ebook?

This is where most newcomers ( and even some old timers ) get stuck. You know you need to create your own ebook, but you dont know how. Sure, you can open up your word processor and start typing, but what if there was an easier way?

That’s where a product like “How To Write And Publish Your Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days ” by Jim Edwards comes in. This easy to follow course shows you all that you need to know to write and, most importantly, publish an ebook quickly. Personally, I’m not convinced about the 7 days bit, especially for the first couple of ebooks, but I know that by using the information in this course, you can have your ebook done, and selling, much faster than if you did not have access to this information.

Why Jim Edwards? What makes this course different from any of the other ebook creation courses available in the internet?

Well, Jim has been successfully selling ebooks since 1997. That’s an eternity in Internet years. He’s seen the ebook industry change dramatically since then, and has been able to adapt to each change, and continue to sell millions of dollars worth of the dozens of ebooks that he has written. This course contains the secrets that Jim has used to survive and prosper over the years. The same secrets that he has taught to thousands of people. The same secrets that still work. This is a course created by someone who doesn’t just talk useless theory – you are getting the benefits of Jim’s extensive practical experience.

How does this course help?

Firstly, it will stop you from making the most common mistakes that people make when they are writing an ebook. Mistakes like targeting the wrong market, or even the wrong people in the right market. Or not choosing an appropriate title for their ebook ( you’d be surprised how important a part the title of an ebook, or any book for that matter, really plays ). Or the biggie: writing too much (or too little). Jim teaches you how to avoid the number 1 mistake that authors make that causes them to take months to write an ebook.

In addition to explaining the common mistakes made, and how to avoid them, Jim gets on with the meat of the course. This is the information that makes it really worthwhile. Things like 4 sure-fire ways to create unique content for an ebook, without resorting to PLR.

Don’t know what to write about? No problem, Jim explains exactly how to choose a topic that already has an audience eager to purchase it.

Prefer to write fiction? Still no problem, Jim even explains how it is possible to make real money with fiction ebooks as well.

Not only the creating of the ebook, which can be very rewarding, but rarely makes money on it’s own, the course also explains step by step how to publish your ebook so that anyone can buy, download it and read it without any problems. This is the best bit, when the sales start rolling in and you begin to see the monetary rewards for your efforts. Sure it’s nice to be a published author, but at the end of the day, we’ve all got to eat, right?

And the new version 2 course is updated based on Jim’s most recent experience with the new mega platforms like Kindle, Nook and iPad. Imagine having Amazon promoting your ebook to their millions of customers.

True, there is a lot of information in this course that you can find out for yourself. These days, with sufficient Googling, you can find out anything. And modern e-commerce platforms make testing different things simple too. But how long would that take? Have you got 14 years to invest in learning independently all of the tips and tricks that Jim teaches in this course? I certainly don’t, and I don’t think that you do, either. So while some of the information in this course is available elsewhere, there is a lot that Jim has learnt the hard way, and only teaches to his students. Now Jim is offering to us the opportunity to take advantage of his hard-won experience.

In addition to the course, Jim also includes some valuable bonuses, like:

  • Jim’s title wizard. Why is this so great? Think about when you by a physical book. What catches your eye first? The title. I cannot overstate the importance of a good title. When people search an ebook market place, the first thing that they see is tour title. It has a matter of seconds to convince the searcher to click for more information. You cannot afford to have a weak title. That’s where this software helps – tell it a few things about your ebook, and presto! Out come dozens of attention getting title suggestions. Pick the one that suits your ebook, and your done.
  • Jim’s ebook description wizard. This nifty tool is a bit like the title wizard, except that is creates keyword rich, effective sales copy for your ebook. This is essential to make your ebook stand out from the crowd. Think about it: once the title has prompted you to pick up the book, what do you do next? You flip the book over and read the description on the back. Since you cannot read the book, it is the title and the description that convince you to buy (or not). So a good description is a must. That is what your prospect will read next, after the title. This description can also be use in the Kindle marketplace, or any other advertising or promotion material you may be using, either as is, or as a starting point for your own copy.

Another great bonus is Jim’s report on how to take every major credit card on the planet. A must if you will be selling your ebook from your own website. This also includes a guide on how to set up an affiliate program. Very simple stuff, when you know the tricks.

Ready to take your ebook publishing empire to the next level (even if that is the first level)? Click here for instant access to “How To Write And Publish You Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days V2”.

Not sure?

Jim is so convinced about the quality of the information that he is providing, and the results you will obtain if you follow what he teaches, the he is offering a 60 day risk free trial. Even for a complete beginner, that should be enough time to get a couple of ebooks written and published, and for the sales to start coming in. So it’s possible even to have already covered the cost of the course and made some profit by then.

And you get to keep the bonuses, even if you return the product. How great it that? Additionally, Jim’s offering a special introductory price that’s almost a 50% discount (at least it was available at the time I wrote this, though I don’t know how long he’s planning on keeping that price). So you cannot loose. Just click here.

P.S. The money back guarantee is administered by Clickbank, who process the payments. Clickbank is one of the ( if not The ) biggest payment processors on the Internet. They are not going to risk their reputation by skimping on the refund. So if you are not completely happy and want your money back within the 60 days, just ask and it will be done.