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Jonathan Boettcher’s 10 Minute Articles review: Can you really write a good article in just 10 minutes?

Spending ten minutes to write an article sounds crazy, right? Who can possibly come up with a good article in ten minutes? Yes, you can do one but will that make any sense? Twenty minutes sounds more realistic. But really, ten minutes?

Jonathan Boettcher’s 10 Minute Articles is quite interesting. This product caught the interest of a lot of people. It triggers curiosity simply because it has the potential to make article marketing so much easier.

We all know that if you are doing and kind of  marketing, writing articles is necessary. And that is not exactly an easy thing to do. You have to write a lot of articles everyday. It is not just the typing that is difficult. The brainstorming and conceptualizing is the most difficult part.

How exactly will Jonathan Boettcher’s 10 Minute Articles enable you to come up with articles in just a few minutes?

What makes it possible for you to write good articles in ten minutes is the fact that you don’t have to waste so much time brainstorming anymore. You’ll be like a thought machine that keeps on generating good ideas. Jonathan Boettcher’s 10 Minute Articles will teach you how you can do this.

Of course, aside from coming up with ideas, you have to be able to put those thoughts into a real article, right? Jonathan Boettcher’s 10 Minute Articles will also teach you the techniques of persuasive writing. You will learn an effective writing style. At the same time, you will also learn the technical aspect of article marketing. For example, you will know the right words to use, key phrases and other tactics that others do not know about.

Instead of using automated article generators, you can use the system that Jonathan Boettcher teaches to write articles that are far better. You don’t have to use articles that are created by software. Those articles usually don’t make much sense. Since all it does is replace words with synonyms, it is not exactly the most efficient way to produce articles.

With 10 Minute Articles, you articles will captivate more readers and will convince them to follow the link to your website, to buy the products you have promoted, or any other call to action that you specify. The mere title of your article will make people want to read it. Even the excerpts will simply pull more traffic.

If you use the techniques from Jonathan Boettcher’s 10 Minute Articles, your articles will have better ranks in the major search engines. Better ranks would mean more traffic. And that leads to more cash.

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